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50+ Canva Planners PLR Bundle

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Meet our BESTSELLER PLR Bundle, your ticket to a treasure chest of 50 versatile Canva planners that are PROVEN to convert!


This bundle has been offered at a price of $295 on our website before, but hurry, it won’t be available at this price for long!*

Introducing our TOP-SELLING PLR Bundle, your golden opportunity to own a diverse set of 50 adaptable Canva planners, KNOWN to drive conversions! 🎁

1. Our ‘Self Love’ and ‘Yoga’ journals aren’t just products—they’re instruments of happiness and well-being. 🧘‍♀️💖

2. ‘Nutrition’ and ‘Fitness’ planners are designed to assist users in achieving their health aspirations, step by step. 💪🍏

3. Lead your customers through a transformative journey with the ‘Personal Growth’ and ‘Money Mindset’ planners. 💡💰

4. Our ‘Meal’, ‘Decluttering’, and ‘Garden’ planners are the perfect tools to simplify and enrich your clients’ domestic lives. 🏡🌷

5. Propel fellow business owners to success with the specialized ‘Shopify’, ‘Product Launch’, and ‘Etsy Shop’ planners. 🚀💼

Our bundle is not merely a product—it’s a gateway to potential, a tool to streamline lives, and a catalyst for business growth. Make these Canva templates available to your audience and spread the enchantment! 🎇🔑

🤫 Still with us? Journey further as we unveil more…

Step into a world of limitless entrepreneurial possibilities with our Top-selling PLR Bundle, boasting 50 assorted Canva planners crafted for diversity! Here’s a glimpse of the treasure:

1️⃣ Wellness Advocates:
• ‘Self Love’ Journal: A tool for buyers to indulge in self-prioritization.
• ‘Yoga’ Planner: A pathway to harmony and equilibrium for all.

2️⃣ Health Champions:
• ‘Nutrition’ Planner: A companion in the pursuit of dietary objectives.
• ‘Fitness’ Planner: A force empowering individuals to realize their health dreams.

3️⃣ Growth Trailblazers:
• ‘Personal Growth’ Planner: A spark to initiate the self-enhancement journey.
• ‘Money Mindset’ Journal: A guide to fostering a positive financial perspective.

4️⃣ Household Harmony Creators:
• ‘Meal’ Planner: A strategy to optimize culinary routines.
• ‘Decluttering’ Planner: A fun approach to organized living spaces.
• ‘Garden’ Planner: A friend for those seeking flourishing green spaces.

5️⃣ Entrepreneurial Elevators:
• ‘Shopify’ Planner: A roadmap for aspiring e-commerce magnates.
• ‘Product Launch’ Planner: A blueprint for successful product unveiling.
• ‘Etsy Shop’ Planner: A mentor for dominating the Etsy landscape.

More than a bundle, consider this a transformation arsenal, set for resale. Introduce these Canva templates to your shop, and witness a blossoming of ease and light in your customers’ lives.

Reasons this bundle is indispensable:

• 📈 Amplify your earnings: Offer these sought-after planners and see your profits soar.
• 💫 Enrich lives: Provide resources that impart tangible positive changes.
• 🚀 Diversify your inventory: Instantaneously broaden your store’s product scope.
• 🎯 Cater to varied audiences: Touch lives across health, personal development, home, and business!

Here’s the gem collection you’ll acquire:
1- Yoga Journal
2- Weight Loss Planner (timeless niche, a breeze to market)
3- Self Love Planner
4- Self Care Planner
5- Nutrition Planner
6- Medical Planner
7- Herbs & Essential Oils Planner
8- Healthy Living Journal
9- Fitness Planner
10- Calming Your Mind Journal
11- Blood Sugar Planner (top seller)
12- Vision Book Journal
13- Spirituality Journal
14- Prayer Journal
15- Moon Planner
16- Manifestation Planner
17- Law of Attraction Planner (trending niche)
18- Journaling Planner
19- Crystal Planner
20- Chakra Planner
21- Abundance Journal
22- Reading Planner
23- Switch Off Journal
24- Self Confidence
25- Rental Property
26- Relocation Planner
27- Recipe Cards Bundle
28- Personal Growth Planner
29- Money Mindset Journal
30- Meal Planner
31- Life Planner
32- Household Management Planner
33- Home Buying Planner (high value perception)
34- Garden Planner
35- Find Your Passion Journal
36- Decluttering & Cleaning Planner
37- Being An Introvert Journal (hidden gem niche)
38- Savings Tracker
39- Mood Tracker
40- Habit Trackers
41- Calendar Builder
42- Debt Tracker
43- Credit Trackers
44- Shopify Planner
45- Product Launch Planner (crowd favorite)
46- Order Forms Bundle
47- Online Shop Planner
48- Handmade Business Planner
49- Etsy Shop Planner (a hit, get it on Etsy immediately)
50- EXTRA 1: Digital Product Planner
51- MEGA EXTRA 2: Trackers Bundle (invaluable)


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